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We’ve joined forces with Mercy Chefs.

Our core values drive everything we do here at Sterno Products and in keeping with our commitment to service, we’ve joined forces with Mercy Chefs.

Mercy Chefs is a nonprofit disaster relief organization whose mission has evolved to utilize available equipment, resources, skills and volunteers to meet additional humanitarian initiatives. Some of those include urban outreach, clean water, and permanent kitchens and pantries. Their innovative mobile kitchens are self-sustaining and able to run in areas without power, as well as hold the ability to purify their own water; enabling relief in even the most inopportune of circumstances and areas. Mercy Chefs has provided the service of over a million meals, bringing aid to a variety of states and nations.

In partnering with Mercy Chefs’ disaster relief teams, we strive to provide the proper heat and tools that will be of value in giving those in need quality meals at the ideal temperature. In their capable hands, we trust that our products will be used for individuals who need it most, during crucial and vulnerable times.

Visit their website:  https://mercychefs.com
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For more than a century the Sterno name has been synonymous with quality and performance in food heating and warming.

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