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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe every employee, vendor and customer should feel valued and understand how their contributions impact our business goals. The diverse backgrounds and approaches of our people are the source of our successful competitive advantage. We place a high importance on standards, practices, and values that ensure equal opportunity, while celebrating a diverse workforce representing the communities where we live and work.



We value the communities we call home; where we live and work.  We aspire to be good, responsible, neighbors and a positive force within those communities through philanthropy and other means.


We are proud to partner with leading non-profit organizations throughout the year whose mission it is to be a force for good in our industry, our communities and society. Additionally, it has long been our privilege to provide support to private and public-sector led relief efforts in times of natural disasters and other emergency conditions.


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Environment & Sustainability

We are passionate about protecting our planet and being good stewards of the environment through our processes, procedures, and products.  We embrace our heritage of being the industry leader in the development and commercialization of environmentally-preferred solutions for food warming, portable cooking and ambient lighting.  


From being the first company to release a truly environmentally-preferred Ethanol Fuel blend to the first in the industry to receive the UL Validation for Indoor Air Quality – Residential and Commercial, we remain steadfast in the desire to remain a credible voice within the industry, providing products with tangible benefits to our customers.



Sourcing & Manufacturing

We aspire to align with suppliers and vendors who share our values of community, opportunity, fair wages, environmental stewardship, safe working conditions and integrity.   We embrace the opportunity to be among the industry leaders in reducing waste and increasing efficiency through continually examining the use of alternative materials and processes. 

To learn more about our Supply Chain Policy, please download the PDF Below:

Sterno's Califonria Transparancy  In Supply Chain Act Statement

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