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How do I make a S’more using the S’mores Maker?

The S’more Maker makes the construction of these delicious treats an efficient and tidy affair. Let’s review:

1. Place a graham cracker and a piece of chocolate over it on S’mores Making Station area of tray.
2. Attach a marshmallow to the roasting fork and hold fork 2” above the lit S’mores Heat Roasting Screen. For ideal roasting, remember to hold and turn; hold marshmallow over heat until one side is golden brown, then rotate slightly and repeat the process for each side of the marshmallow. (DO NOT allow marshmallow to rest on Roasting Screen.)
3. While still on the roasting fork, place roasted marshmallow on top of chocolate square.
4. CAUTION – Marshmallow will be hot – handle with care.

5. Place another graham cracker square on top of roasted marshmallow. Apply pressure to hold marshmallow in place while slowly removing roasting fork.
6. Time to enjoy your s’more. 


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