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Sterno SpeedHeat™ REFILLS - 8 Pack

Item # 70334

A Safer, Simpler, and Faster Catering Solution

SpeedHeat Refills offer operators the option of reusing their SpeedHeat base after a catered event.



8 SpeedHeat™ Trays

16 SpeedHeat™ Packets



Features & Benefits:

• Combine a SpeedHeat Refill with your SpeedHeat Base (sold separately) to offer instant, flameless heat at your next catering event.

• Provides the ability to reuse your SpeedHeat base (for a limited time) if you are picking-up catering equipment after an event.

• Just add water for instant, flameless heat that lasts up to 45 minutes.



Recommended Use:

• Sterno SpeedHeat™ is a food warming system that includes a specially designed base, tray and packets that MUST be used together.

• Using Sterno SpeedHeat™ Refills with any other equipment, such as in a chafing dish water pan, regardless of the type, material or design, is a misuse of the product that may cause personal injury.

• The SpeedHeat™ base may be reused until wear and tear results in an improper fit with the tray, signaling the time to recycle the base.

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