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Delivery Insulated Food Carriers

Item # 70516, 70518, 70520, 70522

This line of IFC's is a great fit for a basic food delivery option. It is our standard high quality IFC with a zipper lid and picnic bakset carry strap.

Our product line includes:
  • 70516 Delivery - Large - Holds 3 Meal Containers
  • 70518 Delivery - XL - Holds 6 Sandwich Containers
  • 70520 Delivery - XXL - Holds 4 Meal Containers
  • 70522 Delivery - XXXL - Holds 8 Meal Containers

  Product Benefits

  • Seamless liners means there are no holes that sauces or liquids can seep through to form mold, bacteria and cause odors in the insulation. No seams also makes our IFC’s easier to clean
  • Our multilayered insulation design helps protect food from outside temperatures while maintaining the temperature inside the Insulated Food Carrier
  • Superior Grade, tear resistant, vinyl liner holds up to the rigors of the industry – includes a 5 year Leak-Proof Liner Warranty
  • Reinforced stitching in high-abuse areas help prevent rips and tears
  • Ask Your Sterno Products Representative about Customizing Your Insulated Food Carrier

  SDS and Manuals

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