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Table Lighting

Besides great food and service, restaurants that people love and return to share one important element – a unique personality. It is what sets you apart from other restaurants and can leave an enduring impression with your guests.
We invite you to rediscover Accent Lighting by exploring our new Design Collections.
Each collection is inspired by the latest, most popular restaurant industry design trends and is organized to help you more quickly and efficiently select Table Lighting products that best fit your restaurant and style. The most dynamic and personal restaurants are created from embracing aspects of different trends, cultures and philosophies so don’t feel confined to one collection, it’s ok to Mix and Match products to complement your restaurant’s décor. Each collection features a variety of sizes and styles including Tealights and Votives, Hurricanes and Cocktails, Shades and Candlesticks.

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Portable Warming, Cooking & Ambience Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
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