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Mercy Chefs

A Partnership for Care

Learn more about our efforts with Mercy Chefs and how you can get involved

Mirage Flickering Flame Candles

Ambience Matters

We create compelling ambience to help turn a good meal or event into a great one!

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Gear up for the Holiday season with our Fall/Winter promotions!

Safe Heat Wick Chafing Fuel 6hr

Portable Warming....Perfected

Count on us to deliver all your portable warming needs

Introducing The ChalkBoard Chafer

The Chalkboard Chafer

Customize every event

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So many selections, one great name. Sterno.

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Sterno Training Center

Your one-stop-shop for proper-usage and safety information

Over 100 years of...

STERNO Training Videos

Let us show you the way. Find all our videos on FAQs, how-to's and product innovations

Portable Warming, Cooking & Ambience Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

For more than a century the Sterno name has been synonymous with quality and performance in food heating and warming.

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